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"go with AnyonE"是什么意思?

go with anyone的意思是与任何人交往。 go with 读音:英 [ɡəu wið] 美 [ɡo wɪð] 释义:相伴; 跟…相配; 跟…谈恋爱; 赶时髦。 anyone 读音:英 [ˈeniwʌn] 美 [ˈɛniˌwʌn, -wən] pron. 任...

1. I went to Xinhua bookstore. 2. Yes, I went with Lucy. 3. It was fine. 4. I did my homework every day .(这句最好是用一般现在时提问及回答) 5. I ate some bread.

did you go out with anyone?的中文翻译是 你和谁约会了吗 重点词汇go out with 英 [ɡəu aut wið] 美 [ɡo aʊt wɪð] 和…约会; 扩展资料1.How can you go out with her? She's a real dog. 你怎么能和她谈恋爱呢?她简...

go out with anyone 和任何人出去

意思是:你与人(指男女朋友)约会过吗?你有男(女)朋友吗?go out是date的意思

Did you go out with anyone 你和谁一起出去了吗? 1、go out 【读音】 英[ɡəʊ aʊt]美[ɡoʊ aʊt] v. 出去;熄灭;过时;相恋;出局;移居国外;罢工 He goes out drinking most evenings. 晚上他差不多都到外边喝酒。 2...

did you go out with anyone 你和任何人一起出去吗 did you go out with anyone 你和任何人一起出去吗

Did anyone go out with you?/Did you go out with anyone?


Did you go out with anyone意思是你和谁出去了吗? 一、go out 英 [ɡəu aut] 美 [ɡo aʊt] 外出;出国;熄灭;出版 1、People can go out to work in the daylight hours and then come to night school in the evening. 人们可以白天外...


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