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年少轻狂 Young frivolous 双语对照 年少轻狂 名 My Beautiful Laundrette(电影名称) 网络 When We Were Young; Dazed And Confused; Kidulthood

Dazed and confused

一个单词好像做不到, 形容词Young and arrogant/ young and proud /Dazed and Confused 名词 teenager kisks. 但如果楼主是找电影或是歌曲的话,这三个是被译作年少轻狂的电影或歌曲。 Dazed and Confused-1993 年少轻狂 My Beautiful Laundret...

年少轻狂、不懂胜者为王用英文大写翻译一下 Young, do not understand the winner with English capital translation

i'm just wild & young可以,WILD AND YOUNG :野性和自由 When You Were Young Dazed and Confused My Beautiful Laundrette When We Were Young短语年少...

年少无知:Young and ignorant. 年少轻狂:young and flighty.

Dazed and Confused,这是一个英文电影的译名,就叫年少轻狂 一般情况下可以这么翻译 crazy adolescence

We can be ill grounded in flightiness wheny oung while being only aware that the strong dominate the weak. Let's Have no ear for theyoung's flightiness but merely pay attention to the truth that losers arealways in the wrong Yo...

年少轻狂:Dazed & Confused 或者说 Youth of Today 或者Kidulthood 完美:perfect


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