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你这种求翻译的结果基本上都是得到直接用翻译工具翻的...语法能对么 还不如自己想些简单的句子...1分钟又不是很长..很快就过去了

Rich and noble and elegant life of luxury is heir to underline the value of the noble ideal

NewDistrict of Zhengzhou University ( 100th avenue of Science ) ,Office of Information Engineering, School of Journalism,WangSen。

Rent calculation method: from cans, counted from the date of edible to edible returned to the seller designated depot in Shanghai. Lease shall not be less than three months, less than 3 months to pay the full 3 months rent, cal...

It makes my heart calm

Those files applied for the immigration office are all faked by myself, including the bank deposits.

Man: the weather is fine today, I'm going for a walk in the forest。 Snake: the weather is very good today,I'm going to sleep in。 Man: Hey, I found that there was a snake,I want to hold it up。 Snake: don't touch me,I'm bo...


Domestic logistics financial operation mode and its monitoring system research


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