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MEETING MINUTES Meeting Minutes guidelines: · Publish Minutes within 24 hours of any meeting · Post Minutes in a place available to all stakeholders (e.g. shared drive or website) · Send Minutes via email to all stakeholders. I...

会议记录Meeting Minutes Sample of Board Meeting Minutes Name of Organization (Board Meeting Minutes: Month Day, Year) (time and location) Board Members: Present: Bhata Bhatacharia, Jon White Bear, Douglas Carver, Elizabeth Druc...

会议记录meeting memo 会议名称:meeting name 记录人员:recorder 会议时间:meeting time 会议场所:meeting location 参加人员:meeting participants 抄送人员:copy to

顺手采纳答案 会议纪要 的英语是meeting summary 例句: 会议纪要应分发至业主、承包商和监理方。 Meeting summary shall be distributed to the employer, contractor and engine

notes of meeting 会议摘录;会议记录;会议纪要 minutes of meeting,会议纪要 The enclosure above is minutes of this meeting for your reference.

Meeting record

meeting summary 会议纪要、会议总结 短语 making a meeting summary 做会议总结 Recording meeting summary 记录会议纪要 Make The Meeting Summary 制作会议小结 例句: 1. Chapter two lists and analyzes the related regulations, which co...

会议记录 minutes of the meeting;Proc更多释义>> [网络短语] 会议记录 meeting minutes;Minutes;Taking Minutes 第一次会议记录 First Director's Meeting Minutes;Minutes of Director First Meeting 营销会议记录 Minutes of Marketing Meeting

外企的英文会议记录(样本)WORD Foreign company English meeting record (sample) WORD

会议纪要 翻译为:Meeting minutes 【附】 会议纪要是用于记载、传达会议情况和议定事项的公文。它不同于会议记录,对企事业单位、机关团体都适用。会议纪要是记载和传达会议情况和议定事项时使用的一种法定公文。它的行文方向比较灵活,可以是...


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