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Pay attention to hygiene, often bask in bedding, keep the room ventilated, cold heat preservation, not to crowded places, such as Internet cafes, movie theaters and other, public environment, such as classrooms, dormitories and...

I am very lonely, although with you, but I found that it is not what I need. But I still insist, and with you, because I can't find my way, I don't know where to go, what to do? I have been hurt those who love me, I want to lea...

No who love you more than me.You know, you lose, I will lose the meaning of living

The twentieth century is human history energy consumption of a maximum number of century, the development of the industrialization of the energy supply put forward the requirements of high, in addition to the natural protection...

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converter 要说明是转换什么东西的转换器,比如说中国和美国/日本之间的电源(220V vs 110V),转换的是电压(电压的单位是伏特),所以称为voltage converter. 如果是插头形状的那个转换头叫做travel adapter。


http://tran.httpcn.com/Fanyi/?l=KO 看看这个在线翻译器怎么样 ,里面有很多种语言的翻译


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