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找一首英文歌 第一句歌词末尾是SEptEmBEr.


back to december wake me up when september ends

是不是这句:Oh let us make a pledge to meet in September 曲名:Sealed With A Kiss 以吻封缄 原唱:Bobby Vinton 鲍比·文顿 Though we gonna say goodbye for the summer虽然我们不得不分开度夏 Darling I promise you this亲爱的 我答应你 ...

是不是The Brothers Four的《Try to remember》? 歌词: try to remember the kind of september 追忆那醉人的九月 when life was slow and oh so mellow 时光慢慢生活悠悠 try to remember the kind of september 追忆那醉人的九月 when grass...

Baby oh yeah Baby oh yeah You don't ever bring no drama to the game And my drama don't be scaring you away You dont ever talk to much Exactly just enough You know how and when and where and what to say It aint like I gotta tell...

September - Because I Love You 歌词: You say that you love me We both know you don't mean it every day But somehow you got me So I'll put up with anything you say Because I love you 2x I'd rather be with you whenever Than with...

Green Day - Wake Me Up When September Ends

如果说是轻快而非Rap的歌的话, 应该是 Sons Of The Desert的Leaving October

Last Month Of The Year 歌手克瑞斯 伊萨克(Chris Isaak)



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