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I visit my grAnDpArEnts twiCE A yEAr 就画线部分...

1.I go to visit my grandparents twice a week ,uauslly on Wednesday and Saturday.2.LI Tao doesn't like the story.he say it's boring3.LOOK wang wei is running after a thief.4.she wants to have alook at our school yard. Can you sh...

第一个是一般现在式填原形visit 第二个是过去式填told 第三个是过去式但前面有了did已经代表过去式了,所以只要填原形finish 第四个是过去进行时填was gone 第五个填has gone 第六个是现在完成时填lost seen

B 试题分析: 句意:你多久回一次家乡看望祖父母?一年两次。通常是在中秋节和春节期间。How long 多久, How often多久一次,How much 多少, How many多少;根据Twice a year一年两次,可知是对频率进行提问,故选B.


Does your parents go to see your grandparents twice a week?

My grandparents exercise twice a week to keep healthy.

D 这题考查疑问词的用法:how long多久how soon多快how far多远how often多久一次,根据答语:一个月两次,选D。

A 本题的回答语表示的是频率,对此提问用how often,故本题选A。

C 考查特殊疑问词。根据回答:一月两次,可知用how often 多久一次,选C。

1、How often does he visit his grangdparents? 2、they never go to a movie,do they ? 3、how long have you studied english ? 4、Tom is going to beiling tomorrow. 5、he has done his home work all day. 6、it's not difficult/easy to...


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