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As FAr As wE know


据我们所知 也可以用as far as we concern

是选A。 可以分步理解: 1、划分句子成分可以帮助理解句子结构和含义表达: 【As far as we know 非限制性定语从句】, 【Tom主句主语】【 spends谓语】【 at least as much time watching TV宾语】 【as he ____比较状语从句】 2、比较状语从句...

as far as we know 网络 据我们所知; [例句]As far as we know, they could've been in it together. 就我们所知,他们可能是一起的。

as far as we know 据我们所知 双语例句 1 As far as we know, B0 the person next to you has BO. 据我所知,挨着你的人有。 2 This is a romantic comedy that was never released, as far as we know. 这是一个浪漫喜剧这是从来没有公布,据...

As far as we know the earth temperature has increased greatly, ...... 据我们所了解,地球的问题已经大大的升高了,......


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