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BrokE up什么意思?

broke up 分手;结束,打碎 例: The party broke up at midnight. 聚会在午夜结束 She just broke up with her boyfriend. 她刚刚和他男朋友分手

Broke up 的意思如下: 分手,解散,结束(break up 的变形) 例句: The peace talks broke up in disarray . 和谈在混乱中破裂了。 Riot police broke up a demonstration by students. 防暴警察驱散了示威的学生。 Broke up的原型是break up...

break up v. 打碎, 破碎, 分裂, 结束, 衰落, 分解, 变坏, 驱散

break away挣脱 break down垮掉 break up结束,分裂 break out爆发 break in破门而入 祝你学习进步,更上一层楼! (*^__^*) 不明白的再问哟!请记得采纳,多谢!

是Taylor Swift的《We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together》 歌词如下: I remember when we broke up the first time Seeing this is, and had enough, it's like We haven't seen each other in a month When you, said you, needed space,...

break down (of a machine or motor vehicle) suddenly cease to function 出故障,抛锚 his van broke down. 他的货车抛锚了。 ■(of a person) experience a sudden failure of function in the vehicle they are driving. 突遇车辆抛锚 she br...

不全相符 2 爱我别走(& J.Wu) 作词:黄崇旭、John Lee 作曲:黄崇旭、John Lee 编曲:John Lee All I wanna do is wrap my arms around you You know girl all I wanna prove Is my love it's all I wanna do All I wanna do is wrap my arms ar...



如果你分手了,我将加倍对你好 不知道这是逻辑 满意请采纳


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