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By Doing this

By doing this, Tehran gave up completely on an earlier ecumenical attempt to make Shiism acceptable to Sunnis under the banner of joint resistance against the "forces of global arrogance" -- that is, the United States, Israel, ...

这么做,将会产生/导致 积极的行为 by doing this 就翻译为这么做,或 以这样的做法,

and by doing this是后面一个分句的状语

你好,很高兴为你解答哦 你可以通过这样做来节约时间 如果你对我的回答还算满意就采纳吧,谢谢你

选B 固定结构:做......的方法 the way to do 或the way of doing 句意:只有一种做这件事的办法.

没有will doing这个用法的 一般将来时后面跟的是do 或者用will be doing i will do something是指我有这个意愿,打算但奏不奏效是以后的事,也是未必的.一般你没有太多一定的把握的话就用这个吧 i will be doing something说明自己已很肯定的相信...


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