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Dirty olD mAn什么意思

dirty old man [英][ˈdə:ti əuld mæn][美][ˈdɚti old mæn] n.老色鬼; He's a dirty old man. 他真是个讨厌的老头。

深(ふか)い梦(ゆめ)から覚(めざ)めて隣(となり)を见(み)ても 君(きみ)はやっぱりいなくて それはまるで物语(ものがたり)の プロローグのような朝(あさ)で 仆(ぼく)はまだ空(そ...

dirty fuels 不洁燃料

Man Of Constant Sorrow 的歌词丨 I am a man of constant sorrow Ive seen trouble all my days Ill say goodbye to colorado Where I was born and probly raised Your mother says I am a stranger My face youll never see no more But ther...


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