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Fly with mE什么意思

Fly With Me 不再让你孤单(书名)、跟我一起飞 双语例句 1. His motto: come fly with me. 他的座右铭是:跟我一起飞! 2. Yes, I know. You are just a beautiful little bird in a magnificent gold cage. I wish you could be free and fly ...

Fly With Me [词典] 不再让你孤单(书名); [例句]To fly with me to Holland to get married. 要你和我一起去荷兰结婚。 进行更多翻译


是重金属吧, 林肯公园的歌


歌曲Fly with me come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away if you can use some exotic booze there's a bar in far bombay come on and fly with me, let's fly let's fly away come fly with me, let's float down to peru in lama land ...

歌曲:完美世界 歌手:水木年华 专辑:生命狂想曲 ?? 搜索 "完美世界"mp3 打印预览 不知日落月升多少个夏秋 不知我已这样奔跑了多久 我从出生就注定一生的寻求 远方那完美世界的爱和自由 fly with me in the perfect world go with me just like...

如果不是从一句话中截取出来的,那么这是不规范的英语,应该改为 Come and fly away with me 或口语形式 come fly away with me,意思是 “来与我远走高飞吧”。

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Kari Kimmel - Fly with Me 歌词: There is magic everywhere In the air you breathe It's true for every living thing Why flowers bloom and all birds sing It's in the voice that guides you on The light that leads you home It's in ...


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