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FrEsh moist什么意思

fresh moist 清新润泽 moist [英][mɔɪst][美][mɔɪst] adj.潮湿的; 微湿的; 多雨的; 含泪的; 最高级:moistest比较级:moister 例句: 1. Listeria bacteria grow in moist, muddy conditions and are often carried by anima...

fresh-moist 新鲜润泽 双语例句 1. Fresh fruits and vegetables are important and so is bran. 新鲜的水果和蔬菜很重要,麦麸也是。

radiant vitality energy lotion fresh moist 辐射能,活力,能量,清爽润泽

fresh and moist clean mud清新润泽清洁泥

A rumbling voice and a stream of fresh moist feeling blow on the face and I looked up a look, a waterfall pouring down from the half empty, like a piece of beautiful silk from the high altitude falling down. Suddenly a gust of ...


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