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help sick people 英式音标: [help] [sɪk] ['pi:pl] 美式音标: [hɛlp] [sɪk] ['pipl] 中文谐音:嗨哦泼 丝诶克 批剖 翻译:帮助生病的人。

help sick people 全部释义和例句>> 帮助病人 求采纳 祝您新年快乐

help sick people帮助生病的人

谁能帮助生病的人?The doctor can help the patient.

she helps sick people

She likes to help make sick people better. 意思是:“她喜欢帮助使生病的人(感到)更好。” 分析: 1、这是一个主谓宾结构的简单句。 2、句子成分分析: 主语:She 谓语:likes 宾语:to help .... 3、固定用法: 1)、like to do sth 喜欢做...

I want to volunteer to help the sick kids.I want to cheer them up and if they and their parents are happy ,I'll be happy,too.On the weekends ,I'm free so I'll go to hospital on weekends.And I will buy some gifts or flowers for ...

Yes, they do. 或 No, they don't.


Do you want to help sick people


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