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【used to do sth】和【be used to do sth】 ①used to do 过去常常(表示现在不再) eg: I used to swim in the lake near my village when I was young. ②be used to do 被用于。。。=④be used for sth./doing sth. eg: Wood can be used to ma...

以简单的意思上来解读的话,be used for 就是“用于...”,而 be used by 则是“为...所用”。 譬如: The spanner is used for tightening the bolts. 扳手是用来栓紧螺栓的。 The spanner is used by the mechanics. 这扳手是供机修工使用的。

Hot ice cream scoop is used for scooping really cold ice cream. 加热的冰淇淋勺是用来舀非常凉的冰淇淋的。


It is used for film production celluloid 英[ˈseljulɔɪd] 美[ˈsɛljəˌlɔɪd] n. 电影胶片; [例句]King's works seem to lack something on celluloid.

有,正确的应该是 this type of loan is frequently used for this purpose, frequent是用来修饰后面的use这个动词的,要用副词,表示频繁地用于

B 试题分析:句意:金属常用语制造机器和许多别的东西。is used for doing sth=" is" used to do sth 被用来做某事,故选B点评:be used to do sth被用来做某事;be used to doing sth习惯于做某事及used to do sth过去常常做某事,是中考必须...

used to是“过去曾经...”的意思 ,后接动词 比如:He used to be a teacher。他曾经是一名教师 I used to go swimming once a week。我曾经每周都去游泳 be used to是“习惯...”的意思 ,后接名词 比如:He is used to getting up early他习惯了早...

what is watch used for? 手表是用什么用的? Watches are used to remind the time. 手表是用来提醒时间的。


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