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She is washing clothes in the living room

Mum is washing the clothes.的同义句是The clothes is washed by Mum

i 作为一个单词,在任何情况下都必须要大写。I work in a hospital.也没有看到你划线的地方在哪儿。提问 I,Who works in a hospital?提问 in a hospitalWhere do you work?

原句: mun is washing the clothes. 同义句: Mum is doing some washing . Mum is doing the washing . Mum is doing the laundry .

What do you like doing?你喜欢做什么? What are you doing? 你在做什么?

dad is writing an email.mum is washing the clothes 可直译为“爸爸在写电子邮件,妈妈在洗衣服”. email [英]['i:meɪl][美]['i:meɪl] n.电子邮件; vt.给…发电子邮件; 例句: 1、The user difference is the further re-enforcement o...

1what are doing 2isn't swimming 3Is jakei playing 4YES SHEID

I am washing my clothes.我正在洗衣服 例句: 1.I am washing my clothes now. 我现在正在洗衣服。 2.My dear, do not say that I am benzene, at least I will know how to cherish homecooking and washing clothes to pack. 亲爱的,不要说...

A: with B: can C: playground

一、首先应区分开 cloth 与 clothes / clothing:cloth表示“布”、“衣料”,是不可数名词。如: She bought some cloth to make herself a dress. 她买了些布要给自己做一件连衣裙。 表示用作某种特殊用途的布(如:桌布,台布,揩布等),是可数名...


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