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She is washing clothes in the living room

She is washing the clothes in the living room. 她在客厅洗衣服

Mum is washing the clothes.的同义句是The clothes is washed by Mum


What do you like doing?你喜欢做什么? What are you doing? 你在做什么?

Windy is washing her clothes. water,juice and milk are all healthy_drinks____(drink)

dad is writing an email.mum is washing the clothes 可直译为“爸爸在写电子邮件,妈妈在洗衣服”. email [英]['i:meɪl][美]['i:meɪl] n.电子邮件; vt.给…发电子邮件; 例句: 1、The user difference is the further re-enforcement o...

my sister is washing her clothes 我的妹妹正在洗衣服 双语对照 例句: 1. The woman is washing her lover's hair when he complains about howharsh her hands are. 那个女人帮她的爱人洗头,男人抱怨说她的手很粗糙。

1what are doing 2isn't swimming 3Is jakei playing 4YES SHEID

What is Peter's mum washing?


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