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look ovEr onE's shoulDEr是什么意思

Look over one's shoulder是美式俚语,一般翻译为“往后看”、“回头看”。 例如:Why are you looking over your shoulder all the time?你为什么总是老往后看? 此外,它还有另外一层引申义,意思是“Keeping watch for danger or threats to onese...

look over one's shoulder 1.指挥;控制;监督;管理 2. 转过头来看;注意看背后是否有人在偷听,小心提防 3.打探某人的消息 双语例句 1 It's bad manners to look over one's shoulder while listening. 当听的时候,越过别人的肩膀看是不礼貌的。

look over one's shoulder 1. 指挥;控制;监督;管理 2. 转过头来看;注意看背后是否有人在偷听,小心提防

look over one's shoulder 词典 严密监视 例句: 1.When Joel returned, I could look over his shoulder as he surfed the net. 约耳回来的时候,当他上网时我仍然能窥探到他的资料。 2.He look over his shoulder as though one of the servan...

look over one's shoulder 释义 严密监视 权威例句 1. One week, he forgot his book and had to look over Madeleine's shoulder.

可能的意思有两种,直接意思是转头往肩膀后看,比如说jackson 5的歌I'll be there,里面说,just look over your shoulders, and I'll be there。 但是,一般来说,如果这句话是防人的意思。就是说,随时小心,经常会从肩膀看看后面,防暗箭的。...

look over one's shoulder 看你的肩膀 双语例句 1 Wear classic clothes which feel good and look good. 穿些舒适而又好看的传统服装。 2 A lot of people look on it like that. 这事情很多人都这样看。

look over one's shoulder 看某人的肩膀 e.g. 1.Will you look over his album? 你要不要去看看他的唱片? 2.If you look over the history, a recently finished, wonderful course on what 's called, big history, 60 lectures. 如果你看看历...

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