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mArriAgE is As muCh A ConCErn oF thE FAmiliEs As

Marriage is as much a concern of the family as it is of individuals. 中文意思: 婚姻在家庭中所受的关注和个人对其的关注一样多.

why delay marriage with the development of society,more and more people delay marriage, why are young people delaying marriage so later than did previous generations, and perhaps even later than they themselves would prefer? On...

3. Dr. Faustus is a play based on the German...[D]the Duchess did not want to smile as much...concern of the human situation in their fiction?...

关于friend,可以参考了:)~ Friends are the relatives who care about you, be there for you,make you happy, but not for any profit. Friends are soldiers who fight with you in the crucial minutes, but never give you stress. Frien...


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