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New Year's Day 写法是新年 意思是新年那一天 new 的意思是新 year的意思是年

New Year's Day also called simply New Year's or New Year is observed on January 1, the first day of the year on the modern Gregorian calendar as well as the Julian calendar.

ner year's day 新年的一天 重点词汇释义 year年; 年纪; 一年的期间; 某年级的学生 day一天; 白天; 时期; 节日; 日间的; 逐日的; 每天; 经常在白天地

篇一 January 1st is New Year‘s Day.It‘s a great day for all the people throughout the world.As the saying goes,A good beginning is half the battle.So,many people go all out to celebrate the important day.On that day,I went to t...

新东方在线题库 > 初中英语试题 > 实义动词 > 单项选择。 New Year"...题目 题型:单项选择题  难度:一般  来源:期末题 分享单项选择。 New Year"s Day is coming. The students are         &n...

中国新年,还有是元旦 一般用new year's day,如有特指,会强调Chinese New Year

New Year's Day: 新年;1月1日元旦(New Year's Day) new adj.新的,崭新的; 新鲜的,新到的; 现代的; 初次(听到)的; adv.新近,最近; 比较级:newer 最高级:newest year [英][jɪə(r)][美][jɪr] n.年; 年纪; 一年的期间; 某年级...

spring festival=chinese new year看习惯用哪种。记得以前念书时春节是spring festival.但现在工作了一般都说chinese new year. 我个人认为spring festival侧重于中国节气的含义春节。chinese new year则是中国的农历新年。 new year's day是元...


New Year's Day [词典] 元旦; [例句]On New Year's Day in 1974, I started keeping a journal. 1974年元旦我开始记日记。


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