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New Year's Day: 新年;1月1日元旦(New Year's Day) new adj.新的,崭新的; 新鲜的,新到的; 现代的; 初次(听到)的; adv.新近,最近; 比较级:newer 最高级:newest year [英][jɪə(r)][美][jɪr] n.年; 年纪; 一年的期间; 某年级...

短语 On a Christmas day 在这个圣诞的时光 Pondering on the Christmas Day 圣诞随想 Born on Christmas day 今天圣诞 Miracle on Christmas Day 圣诞奇迹 Except On Christmas Day 除圣诞节那天 On Christmas Day Morning 在圣诞日早上 And On...

New Year 's day is coming .l am going to visit my aunt .My monther is going to buy some food in the shop .My father is g oing to go for a trip .we will have a good time .we will have dinner with my grand fa ther

my plan for the Chinese new year The Chinese new year is coming. I have a big plan for it. First I will have a visit for my grandfather and grandmother and we will have lunch together. We will watch Tv together and play games. ...

The NewYear's Day in Thailand is in (April). People call it (Water-splashing) Festival. On that day, people throw (water) at each other. 泰国的新年在四月(13日),人们称之为泼水节,这一天,人们互相往对方身上泼水。

January, December, Children ,最后一个是你出生 的月份 ,要大写哦。


New Year's Day 写法是新年 意思是新年那一天 new 的意思是新 year的意思是年

When is New Year's day? 请采纳支持下

January 1st is New Year's Day. It's a great day for all the people throughout the world. As the saying goes, "A good beginning is half the battle". So, many people go all out to celebrate the important day. On that day, I went ...


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