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chinese old man tube 中国老年人电视机 tube[英][tju:b][美][tu:b] n.管,管状物; 电子管; 地铁; 电视机; vt.把…装管; 把…弄成管状; 用管输送; vi.乘地铁; 不及格; 第三人称单数:tubes过去分词:tubed复数:tubes现在进行时:tubing过去式:tu...

选C啊 没有连接词(如but,and之类)就说明是定语从句 因为先行词是novels所以不用who和whom,用which


alone loney

THe old man likes sleeping with the window open. How long does it take you to do your homework every day? 希望能帮到你,祝更上一层楼O(∩_∩)O

过去完成时(The Past Perfect Tense):表示过去某一时间或动作以前已经发生或完成了的动作,对过去的某一点造成的某种影响或是结果,用来指在另一个过去行动之前就已经完成了的事件。 显然,left不对came back和was asleep,造成影响。只是过去动...

The Old Man and the Sea may very well become one of the true classics of this generation. Certainly, the qualities of Ernest Hemingway's short novel are those which we associate with many great stories of the past: near perfect...


my oldman我的老头 没有不敬吧

The old man is very angry. He beats his cat. He says: “You are a fool cat. I will punish you!” the cat is very sad. He thinks:“When ...


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