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remind of-使某人想起某事或某人; remind that-提醒... 具体请参考柯林斯词典: remind/rɪˈmaɪnd/CET4 TEM4(reminding, reminded, reminds) 1. V-TIf someoneremindsyouofa fact or event that you already know about, they sa...

一下为歌词翻译 How You Remind Me -- Avril Lavigne 歌词中文翻译 Never made it as a wise man处理这样的事从来都不够明智 I couldn't cut it as a poor man stealing我就像一个可悲至极的人无法自拔 Tired of living like a blind man对盲目...

Never made it as a wise man 我从来不是个聪明人 I couldn't cut it as a poor man stealing 就像穷人无法停止偷窃一样 我无法切断这些感受 Tired of living like a blind man 我已经厌倦当个盲目的人 I'm sick of sight without a sense of fe...

Avril Lavigne - How You Remind Me是Avril为海贼王之强者世界的主题曲。 海贼王有众多剧场,就这一场也有两首主题曲。 1是How You Remind Me,2是Bad Reputation。两首都是艾薇儿·拉维尼的歌曲。

remind sb. of sb/sth. 让某人想起了某人或者某事. remind chinese people of qu yuan, 就是说, 中国人民想起了屈原 再比如说, This photo reminds me of my friends. 这张相片让我想起了我的朋友们. 希望对你有帮助^^

The song reminds me of mychildhood. 一般现在时(动词用三单) 或者 The song reminded me of mychildhood. 一般过去式 请采纳

remind someone of something. remind me (of) how it feeis to hear your voice 令我回想起听到你声音的感觉。。。

remind me:提醒我,remind:提醒,使想起


never remind me 永远不要提醒我 双语例句 1 Never drive after drinking; remind me to tie the belt. 开车绝对不喝酒,提醒我系好安全带。 2 And I will never forget the innocently hopeful children who danced withme in my green clown w...


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