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somE milk 前面用is还是ArE

some milk 前面用is

There (is) some milk . milk为不可数名词,只能用is,不可能用are

B 译为这儿有些为你准备的牛奶。milk是不可数,动词用单数。 By Miss Zhou of Onesmart

milk 是不可数名词,所以用is 如果说:two bottles of milk, 就要用are了。

There is some milk in the fridge. 翻译是:冰箱里有一些牛奶。 改成否定句的时候,要注意把some变成any,即是: There isn't any milk in the fridge.冰箱里没有牛奶。

milk and meat bad for you中间的be动词用的是are,因为主语为用and连接的两个事物。 英语语法中,be动词意思和用法很多,一般的意思是:是,此种用法,有多种变化形式,is,am,are,was,were,being,been,to be.另外,be动词还有成为的意思...


milk是不可数名词,所以默认使用单数系动词is, some 可以修饰可数名词,如 some eggs,同时也可以修饰不可数名词,如 give me some water... / beer/ juice... 这并不矛盾

不可数名词一般可视为单数,如Time is money中的time.针对food一词,在The food in the fridge IS not enough一句中用单三,但在These kinds of food WERE never available when she was young中,虽然food为句子的逻辑主语,但语法主语为kinds,kind。



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