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what a big deal中文:有什么大了不的? such a big deal:这样一个大问题。 a big deal释义: 巨额交易 重要人物 大事 重要的事 not a big deal释义:没什么大不了; 不是什么大不了的事情; 不是大笔交易


第二个 注意so与such的用法 so+形容词或副词+a/an+名称 such+a/an+形容词或副词+名词 都是表示如此 too没有这种用法

D,这是固定用法,have the power to do sth,by law

因为deal和前面的名词advice是主动关系,也就是说,advice是deal的执行者,这只是一个短语,本身有谓语的,所以用非谓语形式。 短语翻译:提供了处理我的研究的如此有用的建议。 分析: 这是一个现在分词短语,在句子里可以做主语、状语、宾语、...

C 句意:我如何处理这种形势?采取你认为最好的不管什么样的措施。Take 后为宾语从句,whatever 作定语,修饰名词measures,whatever measures又作you think的宾语。所以选C。

They tell us a good deal about the wearer's background, personality, status, mood, and social ou... 展开 汗、这就是典型机翻...

How to deal with Stress Ladies and gentlemen Today I’m glad to be here with you. First of all, thanks for your time listening to my speech. The title of my speech is “deal with stress” As we all know, stress is a natural part o...


So we made the deal that four years later, we got together here. I ...Every year, when June 8th comes, it is such a big day for Chinese high...


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