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thE morE 和thE muCh的区别

4, 这是个句型:the more ( 比较级)⋯,the more (比较级)⋯汉语意思:越⋯,就越⋯。

much a. 1. 许多;大量的;很大程度的 How much rent do you pay? 你付多少租金? The English do not drink much wine. 英国人喝酒不多。 pron. 1. 许多,大量 Much of the time was wasted. 许多时间都浪费掉了。 2. 重要的事物;了不起的事物 ad. ...

the more popular 比较受欢迎的 the most popular 最受欢迎的 第一个是比较级 第二个是最高级~

没有为什么 就是语法问题-,- much不是用在前面的 例如so much very much

another 和 more 与数词结合表示“另、还“之意。请观察下面例句: (1) The strike may last another three days. (2) There were ten people in the room. After a while three more people came in. (3)I have got three more days’ holiday. 从...

1、The more he gets, the more he wants. 他越来越贪。 many有两种属性:形容词性与名词性(不定代词)。例如: * How many people are there in the room? 屋子里有多少人? —— many修饰people,形容词属性 * Many are called but few are chos...


C,the more ...the more越……就越……人口越大,我们所需的食物就越多

the harder you study,the more you will learn

是的,不等于。前者of the 有限定含义,后后者没有。有疑问请追问


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