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being a driver作为is 的主语,必须是名词,所以用being,动词名词化。 意思是,我认为当名司机对他最好。

Many girls think being a model is cool,but thing are not always 许多女孩子觉得成为模特很酷。 但是事情并不总是......

你好!what do you think of being on time?的中文翻译是:你认为准时的是什么?



If I do not think that Italy, it was a fake...what in spite of being very busy really disturbs...


In current society,people have known the importance of keeping healthy and good life habit.In the past,people ate three meals at home,and they ate more vegetables and less meat and fish.They were very strong and seldom went to ...

All of us think him honst All of us think that he is honst These above 2 are correct

i think it will help us with our English learning by listening to some English songs.


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