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two times eight makes (sixteen) 二乘以八等于十六 . ----------------------------------- 为你解答,如有帮助请采纳, 如对本题有疑问可追问,Good luck!

two twice 既可以表示两次,也可以表示两倍 1. Canadian rebels had tried two times to end British rule of Canada. They failed bothtimes. 加拿大反叛组织两次设法要结束英国的统治,但两次他们都失败了。 2. You mean you want to marry th...

1. 当time表示次数,不能用two times,应该用“twice”,因为只有等于或多于(3次)的时候,才能用times,即:once,twice,three times,four times,five times. 2. 当time表示倍数时,才能用two times,此时“two times”翻译为“两倍”.


英语中,频度、频率的表达规律: 一次once 两次twice 三次及三次以上 就用它们的基数格加times.如:three times、four times等. 英语中一般不会用two times的短语表示两次. 所以,请记住,以后不要想当然的认为two times=twice了. 那是中国英语.

two more times: 再多来2次, 在原来基础上再加2次. $10 is not enough, you have to pay [ten more cents ]. 10元不够,你还要再付10分钱. Do you want [one more piece] of pizza? 你想再来一块pizza吗?

twice是正确的,two times是错误的,没有这种表达

two times a week 这个表达没见过,应该不对吧

We may use less water and plant more trees.

很有可能是这个哦!one for da money-overground 歌词里就有one, two, three, four。。。。 one for the money and the car i drive, two for the girls who are passin by, three for the house and the hills outside four for the guys and t...


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