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Today we use chemicals in almost every part of our lives, hoping to make life faster, more convenient or just better. At home we use them to kill...


To be "in" is cool, to be "out" is cruel. To be fashionable is to be "in". Wanting to be accepted by our friends is normal. Who doesn't want to be one of the boys or one of the girls? Going with the flow is much easier than goi...

I wish I'll be happy in every oncoming day like today

except 除了 句意思是我每天都很闲除了今天

Today I am connected 今天,我们联系着彼此Today I am a part of something more 今天,我成为更多事物的一部分As if every cell were singing 仿佛每个细胞都在...

own / most / picture/ interest / meaning / tells /write / probably / hobby / collectors

C 试题分析:句意:现在电子邮件很流行。现在人们很少相互写信了。分析选项:often经常;usually通常;seldom很少;never从不。联系实际,现在的人们很少写信了。故选C



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