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When you try your best, but you don't succeedWhen you get what you want, but not what you needWhen you feel so tired, but you can't sleepStuck...


你好,很高兴为你解答,答案如下: If you want to succeed, you need to change yourself. 如果你想成功,你需要改变自己。 希望我的回答对你有帮助,满意请采纳。

When you want to succeed as that you want to breathe then you will be succes假如你对成功的渴望达到了对呼吸一般的程度,你就会成功了.。 望采纳,祝你学习进步

正确。 If you want to succeed,you must 如果你想成功,你必须 满意请采纳哟

If you want to get success, you have to strive with ambition and confidence. Besides, you need to persevere until your dream comes true. which is better than yours, isn't it?

首先,see sb. do sth. 或者 see sb. doing sth.这两种句式都有,但意思不同,在这里要表达的是他父母希望看到他在学业上取得成功,并不是一个短暂的、强调正在发生的动作,而是强调结果,因此确定用see sb. do sth. 的句式,可以排除A和D;接着...

He said “I got a question for you,he told the guy.He said:“ when you want to succeed as bad as you wanna breathe, then you’ll be successful...

"If you want to succeed, always force yourself to do more" Only in this way can we make progress. We should always keep the two sentences of ...

What should I do if I want to succeed?


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